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12 Great Gifts for Travelers

12 Great Gifts for Travelers

Black Friday is upon us which means Christmas, Hanukkah, and Kwanzaa gift giving is right around the corner. For some unique ideas for the favorite people in your life (or even yourself), consider these 12 great gifts for travelers. You’re bound to find something that will make even the Scrooge in your family smile. Happy Holidays!

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This first product is my favorite.

1. Pair of stunning beach-themed pineapple wine glasses. These make great hostess gifts but I must admit, I bought three sets, just for myself!


2. Girls luggage set.  I would have loved having this when I was a kid. I know my young daughter loves pulling her own luggage set everywhere we go. It saves me from having to do it for her. What I like about this gift is that it’s something different. I’m tired of buying clothing for my nieces and nephews that I often have to return, or choosing a toy when they already have so many.


3.  Boys suitcase set. This fun suitcase for boys is a great gift. Strong and durable it will hold up to anything a little boy packs for vacation.



4. Toiletry case. This travel toiletry case makes a great gift for anyone who travels. It’s so pretty and inexpensive too, so it won’t break your budget. 


5. Travel tote bag. This tote slips right on the luggage handle so you don’t have to carry it around. I’m giving this as a gift to my teenage daughter.



6. Fabulous and fun earrings. These stunning earrings make a fabulous gift for your mom, sister, cousin. I bought a pair for myself. Why wait?



7. Swatch watch for men. What guy wouldn’t want to get this?  Not too expensive, it’s a great watch to take on vacation. Makes a good gift for a teenage boy too.


8.  Travel Bag Sets. This 7 piece travel bag sets made me happy because they will make packing and organizing so much easier. Good for laundry, shoes, accessories, cables, or toothbrush, they are all in a lightweight, yet strong polyester.


9. Steam Shower Spray from Travertine Spa. This makes a nice stocking stuffer. Sometimes you need a pick me up after a long day traveling. Turn on the hot water in the shower, give a couple spritzes of this eucalyptus oil, and let the vapors invigorate your pores, unclog your sinuses, and make the room smell nice for hours.


10. Travel Journal.  For those travelers who like to write or just keep track of where they’ve been or what they did, this makes a wonderful gift. It comes in an attractive gift box too! I couldn’t think of anything to get my future daughter in law, and coupled with the earrings I wrote about above, I now have the perfect gift.


11.  Slowtide Beach Towels. Designed by artists and photographers, the towels’ imagery spans from beachy to Navaho to quirky. A fun gift for a teen, young adult, or just anyone really. There’s a handy built-in loop to hang them dry.


12. Travel jewelry box. Another great stocking stuffer. Who doesn’t need a way to keep jewelry organized when they travel?


12 Great Gifts for Travelers – for your friends, your family, and even yourself! I hope you enjoy the recommendations. Have a wonderful holiday everyone. Thank you so much for purchasing and using my links!

Here’s a few other gift ideas!

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