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Best Restaurant in Puerto Rico (Pasta Y Pueblo)

Best Restaurant in Puerto Rico (Pasta Y Pueblo)

Pasta Y Pueblo
The front of Pasta Y Pueblo

Don’t let the outside fool you.

Since the writing of this post, Pasta Y Pueblo has moved, just across the street, to the top of Sunrise Beach Hotel, due the destruction of his restaurant during Hurricane Maria.

Let’s all support Freddie and  the resurrection of Pasta Y Pueblo by visiting its new location!

Behind the graffiti there’s something more


The surf town of La Pared in Luquillo is laid back and local.  When the sun starts to set behind the waves of the Atlantic, across the street Pasta Y Pueblo, the best restaurant in Puerto Rico, is prepping for dinner.  You wouldn’t know it however, their spray painted graffiti sign sits obscure amonst a skateboard ramp in the yard, and you wonder whether the shack behind the chain link fence is really a restaurant.

Marinated mussels and the manchego cheese appetizers are delicious

Marinated mussels and the manchego cheese appetizers are delicious

The Chef

Chef Freddie is in the kitchen and comes out to greet us.  “I’m trying a few new things out.  Can I bring you a tasting?” he asks.  We’ve eaten here before, and know his food is not only delicious, but fresh. Nothing frozen, nothing fried.  Of course we’ll try something new.

The Setting

Under the clapboard and tin roof, this place is what I would call rustic.  Nine tables, open air seating on three sides, and walls covered with surfing photos and skateboard memorabilia, keep it relaxed and friendly.  An assortment of corks and various other “things” hang from the ceiling.

The Amazing Food

Freddie brings us coconut shrimp which is sautéed in garlic, butter, a few of this other “secret” spices and a perfect hint of coconut.  The balance of texture and flavor is perfect. Most of his dishes come with a side of coconut rice or pasta.  Choice of pasta comes with either a pesto, red, or a garlic butter sauce.  I can never decide.  They are all extremely flavorful and delicious.

The pesto pasta and coconut shrimp are my favorite.

The pesto pasta and coconut shrimp are my favorite.

The Best Restaurant in Puerto Rico

While we’re waiting to order we’re brought sautéed zucchini with a side of the pesto sauce.  “We give this to all our customers so they can try the sauce.  It’s the best,” the waitress informs us.  It’s an easy choice, I go with the shrimp and the pasta with pesto sauce.

For appetizer we have the mussels in a white wine reduction and the ceviche, which are my favorite. The menu doesn’t change often, but offers pork chops, steak, and a variety of fish. Desserts include guava cheesecake and the decadent chocolate nutella cake.

The coconut rice and grouper is a great combination of flavors.

The coconut rice and grouper is a great combination of flavors.

Freddy recently expanded to include a few more tables, and oftentimes provides live music. As we’re sitting enjoying the warm breeze, and taking the last sip from a glass of wine, Freddy comes by, “We have such a great view,” he sighs joining our stare toward the dusky red orange sky, “I’m going to put a few more small tables and serve tapas out in the yard,” which boasts raised gardens growing local herbs and vegetables, “and one on top of the skate board ramp. The ocean view is really amazing from up there.”

Pasta Y Pueblo restaurant showcases innovative culinary talent with progressive dishes, great service, and a distinctive setting unique only to Puerto Rico, making it the best on the island.  I look forward to going back each and every time.


There’s no liquor license yet, but feel free to bring your own, or there’s a liquor store down the street.

Hours: Tuesday – Sunday 4:40-9:30 (Closed Mondays)

Address: Pasta Y Pueblo, Luquillo, 00773, Puerto Rico

Phone: +1 787-697-1118







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