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Who is Boulevards & Byways?

Partner with Us – Boulevards & Byways. We are a blog/website focusing on things to do, places to eat, and where to stay in Puerto Rico, the Caribbean, Central America, and Europe – encouraging those to take the “road less traveled.”

We find the uniqueness of every place we visit – often times finding “off the beaten path” experiences. We strive to convey what is special about each and every place we visit through compelling copy and engaging photos.

If you need to convey a personal side of your destination or attract more people through adventure or culture, I can help do that for you through digital storytelling of your tour, resort, cruise line, or destination through blogging and social media coverage. Photography will accompany the written stories

Why Partner with Boulevards & Byways?

We know the places we’ve traveled well. Having traveled extensively and as we continue to explore the history, culture, food, and nature of this beautiful world. We will convey our excitement and interest to our readers – your potential customers.  Our passion ultimately becomes their passion, too. Our readers are passionate about travel with unique experiences and useful products.

What Can Boulevards & Byways do for You?

  • Sponsored posts, blogs & social media.
  • Hotel, tour, and product reviews.
  • Editing and freelance writing for brochures, newsletters, direct mail, and email marketing
  • Advertising opportunities on the website. Ads will be placed in the sidebar and will are displayed next to every article on the website at a cost of $50 a month.
  • Affiliate links
  • Direct mail and email marketing

We pass our enthusiasm on to your potential customers with informative stories and photos.

Who Can Boulevards & Byways Help?

Hotels & Resorts, Travel Bureaus, Convention Bureaus, Retail shops and services, Restaurants, Travel Agents, Museums & Historic sites, and nonprofit organizations can all benefit from our work.

Partner with Us – Boulevards & Byways


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