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Best Brunch in Puerto Rico Las Vistas Cafe

In the midst of a residential neighborhood in Fajardo sitting on a hill is an unassuming rooftop café serving the best brunch in Puerto Rico appropriately called Las Vistas. Located in Fajardo, Puerto Rico, on the northeast end of the island, it’s not on a main road and you won’t pass it on your way to something else. Las Vistas Cafe is a destination all its own and it is here you will find the best brunch in Puerto Rico.

A rooster crows, multi-color umbrellas quiver in the breeze, and the inviting white staircase leads to a view unlike any other.  360 degrees of verdant countryside and the Atlantic Ocean. But it’s not just the spectacular view which makes this café special.

“Welcome baby,” the owner Gladys croons, giving warm hugs to all customers as they arrive. It’s the same loving greeting your favorite tia (aunt) gives you back home. “I’m so glad you’re able to join us.” Gladys is passionate about what she does and communicates that passion by feeding people from her heart.

Las Vistas Cafe Fresh Local Ingredients

The coffee is freshly ground, my favorite on the island. The generous fresh fruit bowl is a masterpiece of color, flavor, and freshness. Local-bananas, mangos, and pineapple, picked from the garden behind the restaurant are the stars. A drizzle of ginger honey sauce on top compliments the fruit perfectly.

The service and presentation are impeccable and Gladys reminds us, “Everything is freshly prepared at the time of your order. Please be patient,” she tells us… “and enjoy the view.”

It’s not hard to sit back, relax, and let your mind wander.

The sky, the color of a robbins-egg, meets the sparkling turquoise ocean. The panorama, speckled with the Cape San Juan Lighthouse, built in 1880, a bio bay where the water glows when stirred, and the Cordillera Nature Reserve, a string of cays and small islands with pristine white sand beaches and nesting sites for turtles, lets you know this restaurant is not only in a special place but reminds you that Puerto Rico is truly a natural treasure.

What to Eat in Las Vistas Cafe

My savory eggs benedict florentine and my husband’s coconut pancakes arrive. Here, the eggs benedict get a makeover. Instead of the traditional English muffin, it’s on a decadent arepa, a puffy fried bread made with wheat flour that’s crispy on the outside and fluffy on the inside. Perfectly crispy potatoes and bacon accompany my meal. A staple in many of the top restaurants in the world and prepared by the most accomplished chefs, Gladys’ eggs benedict rises to the top with the best of them.

Delightfully tender, the fluffy banana coconut pancakes are naturally sweet and incredibly light. Our meals are as perfect as the view.  Gladys tells us, “I’m blessed to be able to serve good food in a beautiful setting such as this,” outstretching her arms along with the panorama.

Once you eat at Las Vistas you’re family.

It’s not uncommon for every table to be filled on the weekend. Delicious locally sourced cuisine, a one of a kind location, and Glady’s passion for her customers make Las Vistas Cafe the best brunch in Puerto Rico. Las Vistas Cafe is a destination in itself as much as it a restaurant. I should also mention the café is rated #1 on Trip Advisor.

Siete Mares Bay Inn, A Comfortable base to Explore Puerto Rico

Downstairs from Las Vistas Cafe is Siete Mares Bay Inn. Also owned and managed by Gladys, three tastefully decorated units, each with private entrance, queen size bed, air conditioning, bathroom, and cable TV, provide all you need to make this your comfortable base to explore Puerto Rico.


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