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Where to go for Snorkeling Tours in Puerto Rico (by boat)

Best Snorkeling Tours in Puerto Rico

Where to go for the Best Snorkeling in Puerto Rico.

Many visitors flock to Puerto Rico’s beaches but never explore the vibrant undersea life. Colorful snapper, angel-like palometa, and blue tang swim in abundance around bright yellow coral and purple fans. Turtles pop their heads above water and then gracefully float back down to eat their dinner among the sea grass. There are many tour operators who offer an assortment of excursions to various snorkeling sites providing an educational and safe experience.  Come on, step out of your comfort zone and into an underwater adventure.  Here are two best snorkeling trips in Puerto Rico which will take you to some of the area’s best spots to see a myriad of fish and turtles. By the way, I tried out my NEW full face snorkel mask and loved it. See below for where you can get one too!

Tobias Tours via a High Speed Power Boat

Why is this the Best Snorkeling Tour in Puerto Rico?

Tobias Tours does everything possible to make your snorkeling adventure safe and comfortable. Upon departing Villa Marina in Fajardo, on their comfortable 46 foot power boat, we head out to the island of  Culebra. After about a 45 minute ride, we first arrive at a secluded cove in the Luis Pena Channel and anchor while we snorkel the crystal clear warm waters.  We were not disappointed.  Schools of brightly colored fish, sea turtles, and stingrays were seen. Snorkeling is incredibly fun, relaxing, and a wonderful way to explore the ocean.  You can just drift through the water, relax, and enjoy the underwater scenery.

We then headed over to another snorkeling spot. Different snorkeling sites have vastly different marine life to see and experience. Some shallow areas can be filled with incredible life forms such as sponges, corals, and fish. Other spots, such as coral reefs, can be very rich with colorful and vibrant sea life.

Because of weather conditions we were not able to snorkel off of Flamenco Beach, one of the most beautiful beaches in the world, but  the captains always have a few other places on hand.  Carlos Rosario, Tamarindo, and Punta Soldado were some of the options, they however took us to Playa Tortuga off of Culebrita island.  We were able to easily snorkel off shore, explore the beach for a bit, and return to the boat for lunch.  After enjoying a tasty lunch of  tuna and chicken salads, pasta, bread, local fruits, snacks, and unlimited refreshments, we still had time to head back out for another round of snorkeling.  We returned to the marina at around 3:45- 4:00pm.

Prices are $95 per person plus tax, children 6-12 are $73, children under 6 are not permitted.  This is a day trip lasting from around 9:30-4. Included is all snorkeling gear, flotation devices, snorkeling instruction, and sea ladders for easy water access.The price also includes lunch and unlimited beverages.

Address: Villa Marina, Fajardo

Phone: +1 787-567-4495

Web: Tobias Snorkel and Beach Tours

Kayaking Puerto Rico Snorkeling & Adventure Tours

Try a Mini Boat Adventure – Where you’re the Captain

Why is this the Best Snorkeling Tour in Puerto Rico?

What a blast we had piloting our own 13′ inflatable mini boat through the uninhabited cays and to the stunning beach of the cay of Icacos!  After a thorough lesson by a certified instructor on piloting the boat, we began our adventure.  The seas were a bit rough that morning, and even though I was hanging on the side handles of the boat, I was still bouncing up and out of my seat. It was all good fun and added to the many great experiences we had throughout the day. The guides lead the way as each of the mini boats in the tour followed one another through the crystal clear waters toward the crystal clear waters of  Icacos. As the waves splashed up onto our boat, they provided a cool and refreshing reprise from the sun.

The first snorkeling destination was quite a ways off-shore and as as we disembarked from our boats the eco-guide lead the way through spectacular coral reef formations as we swam among schools of colorful tropical fish, and learned about the wonders of the underwater world.  We even saw a lobster and a puffer fish! I was impressed that the guide took the time to interpret the natural history of the reserve as he guided us through an amazing snorkeling trail.

We then headed to Icacos Cay. Icacos is one of a string of cays which form the Cordillera Cays Nature Reserve.  The beach here was amazingly beautiful but we didn’t see much as we snorkeled around the crystal clear waters. The water, beach, and view were amazingly beautiful and we were content to take a short hike on the beach and relax in the warm water.  After a swim, snacks, and refreshments, which are in the coolers provided in each Mini Boat, we headed back to Fajardo.

Depending on the weather, the guides will lead you where conditions and snorkeling are best at the time.  We were supposed to go to Palominito Island, which is surrounded by coral reefs and was seen in the movie Pirates of the Caribbean 4, but the water was a bit too choppy for a visit.

Overall, driving in the mini boat was a unique way to visit the snorkeling sites of this area.  It added another dimension to the overall  snorkeling adventure and the guides did an excellent job leading our group both over and under the water.  It was an excellent half day trip and can’t wait to do it again.

Life jackets, snorkeling equipment and snacks and refreshments are all included.

Check the website for prices.

Address: Carr 987, Km 5.4, Las Croabas, Fajardo 00738

Phone: 787.245-4545

Web: Miniboat Adventures

Here’s where you can get your Full Face Snorkel Mask:

I bought this Full Face Snorkel Mask from Amazon and loved it!  Finally a mask that does not leak.  I have always had a problem with water getting into my mask because of my hair bunching up and compromising the seal.   I did not have this problem at all with this mask. It also doesn’t fog (no more spitting in your mask).  It’s been the best mask I’ve had for snorkeling, which I do quite often. You can purchase from the link below:

We are a participant in the Amazon Associates, LLC program, an advertising program allowing us to receive fees when you purchase the product above. It does not in any way add to your cost. 

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