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3 Places to Visit for Puerto Rico Coffee

3 Places to Visit for Puerto Rican Coffee

Coffee in Puerto Rico 3 Places to Visit

Things to do in Puerto Rico


Puerto Rico really does have the best coffee









Smooth and sweet is how Puerto Rican coffee is often characterized. Today however, many of us have to search if we want delicious coffee from this region. This is why I’m recommending 3 places to visit for Puerto Rican Coffee.

By the end of the 18th century Puerto Rico produced more than one million pounds of coffee a year. The island at one time was the world’s seventh largest coffee producer, declining after the United States annexed the island from Spanish control and focused on sugar cane production instead.
The good news is there’s been a resurgence of coffee production in the Cordillera Central Region where the nutrient rich volcanic soil produces coffee which is high quality. Several of the traditional coffee haciendas have been revitalized providing not only delicious coffee but tours of the facilities make for an informative and interesting day out. Here are three places to visit for coffee production in Puerto Rico.









Hacienda Buena Vista

Hacienda Buena Vista is a historical landmark focusing on the history of coffee production. Buildings and one-of-a-kind historical machinery remain, together with a sophisticated system of waterworks. The nonprofit organization, Para la Naturaleza oversees the landmark preservation projects here and offers highly informative tours and educational opportunities. Visit their website for a list of tour days and times. Reservations are required and a small fee is charged.
Address: Km 16.8, PR-123, Ponce, 00728, Puerto Rico
Phone: +1 787-722-5882
Website: Para La Naturaleza – Hacienda Buena Vista









Hacienda Pomarrosa

This Eco and Agro tourism lodging destination make this hacienda a unique getaway. Not only can you stay overnight in a casita, you can embark on a tour which will take you on on a journey through the history of coffee production. Starting with breathtaking panoramic scenery of where the coffee is grown, you learn all the steps which go into making delicious coffee. Tours are offered Tuesday through Saturday at 11:00 am and have a duration of approximately two hours. Reservations are required and the cost is $20.00 per person.
Address: Carr. 511 Esq. Carr. 143, Barrio Anón, Sector Hogares Seguros, Cam Berganzo, Ponce, 00715 Phone: +1 787-844-3541
Website: Pomarrosa Coffee Lodge






Hacienda Tres Angeles

Agricultural practices, coffee processing and tasting are all part of the tour at Hacienda Tres Angeles. This agro tourism farm is located in the town of Adjuntas, Puerto Rico better known as the land of the sleeping giant due to the mountain range outline of a giant taking a nap. It’s cool climate and high mountains are an ideal setting for making the perfect coffee. Coffee tours through the field are available every Saturday at 10am. Breakfast and lunch are also available. Let me know if you’ve visited any of these 3 places to visit for coffee production.
Address: Carr. 129 K.m. 38.4, Bo. Portillo Adjuntas, Puerto Rico 00601
Phone: Tel: 787-360-0019
Website: Hacienda Tres Angeles









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Coffee in Puerto Rico 3 Places to Visit

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