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Mini Boat Adventure in Puerto Rico

A one-of-a-kind guided tour

There’s a unique adventure located on the northeast corridor of Puerto Rico. Kayaking Puerto Rico provides mini boat tours for travelers to the Cordillera Nature Reserve in Fajardo.

A mini speed boat provides a fun, unique way to explore this vast protected area, a critical habitat for seabirds, turtles, and manatees. Easy to operate, the mini boat requires no boating license.

Kayaking Puerto Rico provides everything for a fun time at sea.

Our island hop and snorkel mini boat tour began at Las Croabas in Fajardo. Our guides Brian and Joe reviewed the safety rules and excursion route, provided life jackets and snorkeling equipment, and instructed us on the essentials of boat operation.

Mini Boat Tour

Great Fun Driving Our Mini Boat

Our party of four boarded the 13ft rigid inflatable speedboat. With its smooth and powerful 40hp outboard engine we idled through the marina following a convoy of other enthusiastic mini boat riders before opening the throttle for a high-speed ride out into the open sea. 

Could this be the landscape that the Spanish conquerors first saw of Puerto Rico?

Heading along the bluffs and crossing the Fajardo Sound, we saw breathtaking views of El Yunque Rain Forest rising in the distance and the tranquil bliss of the turquoise Caribbean ocean.

Our convoy of mini boats, led by our guides, zipped along the island chain of La Cordillera, the string of small, uninhabited islands and cays protected by the Department of Natural Resources. Cerulean water enveloped us, abundant with marine life.

Snorkeling in Puerto Rico has never been better!

Stopping to tether our crafts together, we jumped in the crystalline seas and snorkeled the well-developed reefs. We were surrounded by schools of tropical fish, making La Cordillera one of the preferred snorkeling spots in Puerto Rico.

After 40 minutes of snorkeling, we climbed back on-board our speedboat for refreshments. Each mini boat comes with a cooler packed with ice, snacks, water, and juice.

Visiting Beautiful Icacos Island.

We upped the outboard and blasted by Cayo Icacos, Cayo Lobos, and Cayo Diablo islands. Making a beach stop on the secluded island of Icacos, its pristine sugary white sand and bright turquoise water was stunning.

When our time came to an end, we navigated back to the marina and thanked our outstanding guides for a thrilling, one-of-a-kind mini boat adventure tour in Puerto Rico.

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There isn’t anywhere in the Caribbean more breathtaking than Puerto Rico. With expansive beaches and natural beauty, the adventures are endless. A mini boat tour with Kayaking Puerto Rico provides the ultimate tropical escape.

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Las Croabas

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Boulevards and Byways received a discount for the mini boat tour in exchange for this blog post, which did not influence the outcome of this article.

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